Healthy Lemon Poppyseed Cake Pops | Vegan, GF, Sugar Free

Lemon Poppyseed anything, and when it's healthy? I'll double the recipe. 

Easier than you'd think - tastier than any other lemon poppyseed recipe you've tried. 


+ 1/3 c almond milk ( might need to add more later if mixture is looking a bit dry)

+ 1/3 c unsweetened coconut yogurt 

+ 1 1/4 c almond meal

+ 1 1/4 c almond flour - sub other GF flour 

+ 1/4 c ghee or coconut oil/veg oil

+ 3 tbsp poppyseeds

+ 3 tbsp coconut butter - optional, but highly recommended

+ 1/4 tsp baking soda

+ 2 tsp baking powder

+ 3 tbsp lemon juice

+ 2 tbsp lemon curd or zest from 1 lemon

1/2 - 1 cup coconut butter


Pre-heat oven to 325. In a bowl, mix melted ghee/oil, coconut yogurt, coconut butter almond milk, lemon juice, curd/zest. Add almond meal and mix well. Add flour in small quantities until mixed well. Add in baking powder + soda. If mixture is a bit dry - add more almond milk and/or yogurt for a moist mixture. 

Spray a muffin tin with oil and scoop mix 3/4 way full, makes 12. 

Bake for 12-15 minutes, tops of muffin will be light brown.

To liquefy the coconut butter coating - warm in microwave in 15-20 second increments until fully liquefied. You can also place in a crock pot or boiling water - if you have the time (& patience)

Get out another baking sheet or flat surface covered with parchment paper. 

Let cool for 10 minutes, then with your hands - take the muffins and form them into balls. When finished, drizzle or DRENCH your muffin balls in the melted coconut butter. Freeze for up to 10 minutes. You'll have extra coconut butter that also froze, break it off and eat it/save it or throw it back in your jar of coconut butter. 



Hannah Anderson