Give back the butta'

Our give back initiative is to give 10% profit from the Generous Espresso Cacao coconut butter. Motha' Butta has partnered with Generous Coffee, sourcing beans from three communities in Honduras; La Coroza, El Remolino and La Cuchilla. Generous Coffee is a for profit organization in partnership with eight-year Non-Profit, Humanity & Hope United Foundation, where donations are provided for the people within these communities. The Motha' Butta donation will go directly to Humanity & Hope United Foundation to aid the following needs: 

A breakdown of the costs needed on average:

  • $200/year to send someone to primary school in La Cuchilla + La Coroza

  • $60/month ($720/yr) to send someone to Secondary School in all 3 communities

  • $43/week is the bottom number to support a family for bare essentials

Where will profits go outside of this?

  • Jobs created for men and women in 2018, shared amongst 30 people. 

  • Clean water in all three communities - Clean water coming soon to La Cuchilla

  • Electricity in El Remolino & LaCoroza

We hope all who are able to give, will give. It is a blessing and a gift to live life in good health, safety and stability. It is our vision to create opportunity where there is not, bring hope where there is doubt, and give generously with all that we have been given. 

Whether you're a coconut butter fanatic, a coffee flavored anything lover, or simply someone wanting to join our mission, we are thrilled to have you part of this community and thank you for your generosity. 

Who we give to